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About Us

Our Story

The story of Liehe started in 1854 when Heinrich Liehe immigrated with his father, mother, and sister to America. This pioneer settled in Illinois, moved to Iowa, and finally homesteaded in Nebraska. Heinrich, who soon after his arrival was Americanized to Henry Lee, was a man of vision. He settled the Loup Valley and began farming with his wife and children. The community he built still exists today, from his old house on the farm to the German Lutheran church, now a Methodist church, he donated land to and built just up the dirt road.

While the Liehe became Lee and the descendants of Heinrich now call him Henry, his legacy lives on. Today Liehe is a revival of that original pioneer spirit that Heinrich and his family had. While he is long since left us his legacy lives on, and the principles that guided his life are the same principles that guide Liehe today.

We are driven by values

Liehe operates under a charter of values that is driven by a strong statement of faith. Everything that is engaged in, performed, and completed runs through these stated values. All visions are established by values. Ours are explicitly stated for your understanding of who we are and how we operate.




Jeremiah Lee

Founder, CPA